Gleniece Hobson BS, RN. CEO

Master Mindset Transformation Coach

                         My Journey

Around age of 40 I begin feeling stagnate and made a decision to go back to school to obtain my bachelor's degree in nursing (RN).  My Husband and I agreed on a plan of action that included selling our home and relocating from Richmond VA to Hampton VA. The first phase of the plan was for the children and I to move as the start of school year was soon approaching.  The second phase was my husband would soon follow after the sale of our home. However, undenounced to me, my husband decided not to come after our home sold and eventually, we separated.

 Now I had to readjust my plan and my life. This readjustment proved to be more difficult than I could have imagined. With the separation came the lost my sole source of income, and to add insult to injury, my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Lupus and became critically ill. This meant she and my granddaughter had to move back in with me as I would have to help her navigate her new normal. Already having a career as an LPN, it would have been very easy to just give up and stay where I was, but that was not an option for me. Through all this I was determined to maintain my RESOLVE of becoming an RN.

 With all that I had on my plate, I had to dig deep to maintain my FOCUS for something greater in my life.   As I went through the next two years of nursing school the process of prioritizing my PEACE, became something that I had to do on a daily basis.  It paid off as I graduated Magna cum laude, walked across the stage with 5 honor cords, my daughter went into remission, and I got divorced. Having achieved my goal of becoming an RN empowered me with the CONFIDENCE to know that there is nothing that is impossible.

Many women have asked me how I made it through and as I reflected back, I realized that RESILIENCE is my SUPERPOWER. In this journey of become empowered too, navigate challenges, bounce back from setbacks, thieve in the face of adversity and rise strong. My journey has inspired me to mentor women, especially women over 40 to become EMPOWERED to transform their MINDSET and make the SHIFT.

You will become successful not because of your skills but because of the grace of the Lord, Amen!

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 Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Passion                         Fearless                           Success 

       Peace            *              Focus                *             Confidence  

             Purpose                      Strength                         Abundance 

40 is the number of New Beginnings. On this journey of New Beginnings, your mindset will be transformed and empowered with strategies to help you navigate challenges, bounce back from setbacks and thrive in adversity. These strategies will help you stay focused on and reach your goals, maintain peace, unleash your confidence, amplify your strengths and create balance.


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